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Elder Cole Grace

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Food poisoning! :(

Elder Grace is doing really well! He had a little episode of food poisoning! Not fun! He drank some sprite and took a nap and when he woke up he felt much better!

"We finally got a car! It is a Chevy Cruz we were so surprised!"

This is the first time Cole has had a car since he has been gone, how exciting!

Monday, May 20, 2013

6 months down!!! Yay!

Elder Grace has been out for 6 months now I cant believe it!

"So we got the new package you sent. We really like our new ties! No sign of the other package yet so that's a bummer!"  So I sent a package out a while ago and then the post office sent back some scraps of the package back with a paper telling me to describe what was in the package. So if the post office is able to find the contents of that package they will send it back out to Elder Grace. I hope it shows up!

"We love our new ties!"

Elder Grace's tie has little swordfish on it, and Elder Wunderli's has little sharks on it. Elder Grace emailed home and informed me that Elder Wunderli has a phobia of sharks....oopsie!

"We have a new investigator he is from Ghana."

"So Avery is so cute! she calls me her stomach buddy (they both have matching scars). Sister Armstrong made some really good gooey butter cake, its a St. Louis thing, you should make some!"

I guess I will google me a recipe of St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake!!! I hope it is as good as Elder Grace says! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A message from Sister Armstrong

"Hey Sister Grace! We had the Elders over for dinner tonight. We love having them over. Here's a picture of our kids with them.
Elder Grace told us he was born with gastroschisis. Our daughter Avery was born with it as well. We haven't ever met another person born with it. Thank you for sharing your son with us!" -Hilary Armstrong

Most of you know Cole was born with a rare birth defect known as gastroschisis. This defect is when there is a hole in the abdominal wall and the intestines are on the outside. So at birth surgeons perform surgery to put the intestines back in side the abdomen.

I am so thankful for the sincere and heartfelt messages I have received from the members in Elder Grace's mission wards! It brings peace of mind to a mother who has a son out in the mission field to know that he is surrounded by such loving people who have so much to offer! I firmly believe that God puts certain people in our life for so many reasons and I am so glad that Cole has been able to meet little Avery Armstrong! I also believe that the Missouri, St. Louis Mission is the perfect mission for Elder Grace to serve!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We got to talk to Elder Grace on Mothers Day 2013

It was so nice for our family to talk to Cole this past Sunday! Elder Grace is doing really well. He says his companion and he have 3 current investigators.
Elder Grace's Missionary Photo

This past Monday May 13, 2013 Cole and his companion went to the St. Louis Zoo.
Elder Grace at the Zoo.
I wonder if the Zoo is a little smelly?

Elder Grace and his district.

Elder Wunderli and Elder Grace.

Elder Grace

So Elder Grace is worried about putting on weight but I'm sure he is doing just fine! Looks like he gets to have some exercise!
Ready to work out!

Gotta stay hydrated!

Elder Grace and Elder Wunderli on public transit.

Elder Grace and a statue of Robert Wadlow.

Robert Wadlow was known as the giant of Illinois or the Alton giant because he was born in Alton IL.
Robert measured 8'11". That's so tall!

What nice eyes you have Elder Grace!

One more picture of Elder Grace at the Zoo.

I am so happy for Elder Grace and I am glad that he is having a great time on his mission! I sure hope he was able to see some animals at the Zoo! Ha,ha,ha,ha....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Lots of rain

"So it's been raining a lot lately it's crazy, but it's really cool!! It has also been kinda cold."

"I am allowed one instrument on my mission so I got a guitar last Monday."

Looks like Elder Grace got a nice hair cut.

Lancashire dr.

Gotta love bubble gum!