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Monday, May 20, 2013

6 months down!!! Yay!

Elder Grace has been out for 6 months now I cant believe it!

"So we got the new package you sent. We really like our new ties! No sign of the other package yet so that's a bummer!"  So I sent a package out a while ago and then the post office sent back some scraps of the package back with a paper telling me to describe what was in the package. So if the post office is able to find the contents of that package they will send it back out to Elder Grace. I hope it shows up!

"We love our new ties!"

Elder Grace's tie has little swordfish on it, and Elder Wunderli's has little sharks on it. Elder Grace emailed home and informed me that Elder Wunderli has a phobia of sharks....oopsie!

"We have a new investigator he is from Ghana."

"So Avery is so cute! she calls me her stomach buddy (they both have matching scars). Sister Armstrong made some really good gooey butter cake, its a St. Louis thing, you should make some!"

I guess I will google me a recipe of St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake!!! I hope it is as good as Elder Grace says! :)

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