Elder Grace's address

Elder Cole Grace

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We have finally made it to the year mark!

Elder Grace out to dinner

Elder Grace and Elder Griffith

It has been a good year for Elder Grace. I am looking forward to see how his 2nd year out in the mission field goes! He has had some pretty awesome companions and has made some life long friends as well. Some great friends of Cole have already completed their missions and are already home. I know Cole looks forward to the time he will be done with his mission and ready to come home..... But not quite yet, there are still a lot of people to meet and people to teach and also people to learn from!

Kristina Norwood and Elder Grace

Needless to say Elder Grace kinda likes this sweet girl Kristina and as a wise Stake Pres. Park once said "A good girlfriend will write but a good wife will wait." These two kinda like each other a lot! So Elder Grace has been transferred and I'm not quite sure of the address at this moment but I will post the new address as soon as it is known! 

I'm so proud of Cole and his hard work he has put into his mission! I know his faith grows stronger everyday and I am truly blessed to have him as my son! I love you Coley bear!!!!

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