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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

So Elder Grace was able to celebrate the new year. He said it was really boring but it looks like he had fun to me.

Elder Derek Payne and Elder Grace

I love the party lights around the pole

New Year jam session Elder style

Elder Payne has got the duck face down

More jamming. Cole did not say who this other Elder is?!

Must be getting a lil sleepy

Rebooting with some water

Elder Aiello and Elder Grace play pool

New Year Pool Playn'

1st Selfie of the New Year!

New Years shenanigans

Happy New Year now get to bed

Elder Grace is doing really well. He and Elder Griffith currently have 2 investigators and are in the process of gaining 2 more. Now that the holidays are over the missionary work should pick back up. Good luck to Elder Grace and all the missionaries in this new year! Hope you all had a nice New Year celebration!

PS. once the holidays are over and you still have your lights up they are now "party" lights! Happy New year y'all!

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