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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Transfer For Elder Grace

Elder Grace and Mitch Sutherland

Cole's previous companion Mitch Sutherland has already come home from his mission but has returned for a visit. Cole and Mitch taught and baptized sister Borden and they now were able to see her go through the temple. That's so awesome! And look at Mitch's hair! wow it sure has grown.

Happy Easter

I have no idea what is in this pitcher but it must be good.

Elder Grace has been transferred to Mt. Zion now. I hope he enjoys the people there and is able to have many good experiences.

Cole's good friend Levi is leaving soon to the MTC in Mexico and then to Indiana to serve a Spanish speaking mission. Two of Cole's friends (Elder Derek Payne and Elder Wunderli) have just come home from their missions just yesterday! (4-22-14) I cant believe it! Its just so exciting to see all these amazing young men doing such amazing work!

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  1. Mt. Zion? Hm-m-m, that has a latter-day saint sound to it. Is it anywhere near Jackson County or Farr West?

    Elder Muir looks like Brother Xochimitil!

    Time is going fast Elder Grace. U R almost in the home stretch.