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Monday, June 2, 2014

The Count down is getting shorter... only 5 moths left

A car full of missionaries!

Missionaries on the steps. Go Cards
A match of racquetball

look'n good with your racquetball swagg

Elder Grace is doing well. He is still enjoying his mission. He will stay in Mt. Zion through another transfer. Elder Payne will be leaving Elder Grace and Elder Christensen will be joining Elder Grace for this next transfer.

looks like its starting to get a little hot

Elder Grace and Elder Payne

Missionary district

looks like some sort of prank here

But nothing Elder Grace and a peace sign cant undo

Elder Grace does not have any current investigators but I'm sure that will change. He is working so hard and his family and I are so proud of him!

I cant believe we are now down to 5 more months?!

I know that time will definitely fly by and Cole will be home before i know it!!!

Elder Grace and Elder Derek Payne January 2014
So an update on Derek Payne: He is now home and has a job painting Temples inside and out. Derek gets to travel all over to different Temples. He is so happy and looks forward to when Elder Grace comes home!

I seriously cant say it enough... Five more months! EEEEeeeee I just cant wait!

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