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Friday, January 4, 2013

Dinner with the Asay family

So the blog is finally up! 
Cole is still in O'fallon Illinois, he says it is very cold right now. He is in a biking area of his mission, so he rides his bike everywhere. The first Saturday Cole was in O'fallon his companion had a baptism.
Cole was able to help get things ready for the baptism. Now that the holidays are over, Cole is hoping to be able to start teaching the gospel! He did not have much luck speaking with people, because they were so busy with the holidays.
So it is such a small world! in the picture below, Cole is with the Asay family, the husband/father in the picture is Cole's dentists brother! The Asays were so excited to have Cole over to their house for dinner!
Cole would love to hear from all family and friends, please feel free to write anytime to Elder Grace!

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  1. Good job on creating this Blog Stephanie!! I'm excited to see more pictures.