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Elder Cole Grace

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some words from Elder Grace on his mission

"This time of season is really hard to try and teach people 'cause everyone is getting ready for the holidays. So everyone says to come back the 2nd week of January."

"So a way cool experience...... My companion and i had someone knock on our door, instead of us knocking on his. We started to teach him. We got him to pray, and after he was done praying he started crying 'cause he felt the spirit so strong! He didn't want to leave because he felt so good."

"I'm still trying to get used to my companion, and get along with him. Its still hard because i am still trying to get in the mode of this missionary life. Its really hard. We are still not having much success, our two top investigators dropped us, and all we are doing is tracking. But on the other hand we found 6 new potential investigators, and have handed out 6 books of Mormon in two days!!"

An email from Sister Clark, Cole's mission president's wife:
"Dear sister Grace,
Your elder is doing great. I think the homesickness is passing! I saw him at the Christmas party and he looked like he was having fun. He's a good looking elder. You can be proud of him!
                                                                                 Sister Clark"

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