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Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Wow I cant believe it is already March! Elder Grace has been out 4 months now.

Some new words from Elder Cole Grace:

"I am doing a lot better now. I really like my new companion!"

"Today is colder than it has been so that's not fun... I might learn how to do a back flip today, so I am excited for that!"
Don't go too crazy Cole!!!

Elder Grace and Elder Besendorfer

Elder Grace and Elder Dazley

Elder Grace and some Elders from his previous district

Elder Grace and Elder Smith at the baptism of Carissa

"I really like my new tie you sent me its awesome. I will wear it for St. Patricks day I am wearing it right now!"

I am so glad Cole gets so excited every time he gets a new tie! Ha,ha,ha...

"The ward mission leader in my new ward is so awesome he is so funny too. He has been a member for 7 years."

"My new area is much bigger than my last area...it takes about an hour to visit some people... so we ride the bus a lot."

"We currently have one family we are teaching they are the only progressing investigators we have right now..... We are working so hard to find people to teach."

"I got a package from the Schofields that was really nice. I will write them back soon!"

Now Cole has a response to all his friends getting mission calls or getting ready to leave for missions:

"Wow there are so many people going on missions... that's crazy!"

I think it is so amazing that so many good guys and gals are choosing to serve missions! You are all such strong and amazing souls!!!!

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