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Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 4th of July 2013

"....So everything is going really well! The temperature is only 66 degrees right now so that's really odd, it should be really hot right now!"

"I am starting to get to know the members in my new ward. I was able to give a sister in the ward a blessing the other day. After the blessing her family took us out to Dairy Queen for dinner."

"We have a new mission President his name is President Morgan. We get to meet our new mission President on Wednesday (07/03/13).

I am so glad Elder Grace is thankful!

Some art work by Elder Grace

We should all thank the lord!

"Tuesday (07/02/13) we are going to the temple and I am looking forward to that!"

I hope Elder Grace has a good week and a Nice 4th of July!!!

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  1. Interesting area, Mattoon, Illinois. Is it all rural, no large town/city nearby. Like the anti-abortion sign. Is it a totally new area so there is no existing teaching pool?

    Austin Martin went to the temple for the first time last Saturday. He has two months now until he goes into the MTC. Any tips for him? Do you remember Kaleena McKell? She's going to Russia. She leaves in about three months I think. We have a new family moved into the ward with a 21-year-old daughter who already has her mission call. She's going to Boston.

    Happy after-the-fourth-of-July!