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Elder Cole Grace

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

4 more days till the 10 month mark!!! :)

Elder Grace and Elder Sanderson
So Elder Grace has been super busy the last couple of weeks! That is super good though. Elder Grace and his companion taught 21 lessons this past week. Way to go guys!!

I just love this guy!!!!

"So we had a baptism scheduled for the 14th but it has been moved to the 28th."

"Dang the Fugal's are moving!!! That's OK I am happy for them!"

Elder Grace and Elder Johnson

Cole has a Good friend Andrew Beutler and he is on a mission in the Congo. Andrew emailed Cole and told him to eat some American food for him! Hahahahaha......that's funny!

I am so impressed with Cole and all his dedication to his mission! I am also glad that he has so many good friends serving missions and that they are able to keep in touch!

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