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Elder Cole Grace

Monday, September 23, 2013

It is officially fall, 2013

"So I am so glad that it is fall. I am almost to my year mark.....Crazy huhh?! The weather in Missouri is great its not too hot or too cold it is just right 70 degrees!"

Nice art work!

"This Wednesday will be transfers. I will stay in St. Peters and my new companion will be Elder Milne."

Alma 29 1-2

"Lessons are coming along great. We had 20 lessons last week, like always. We will have a baptism on September 28th so I'm excited for this weekend!"

Selfie! hahahaha.....!

"I'm glad that Austin Martin is out in the mission field now that is really cool."
"Oh so Elder Wunderli is now AP which means he is assistant to the President. AP is pretty much as high as you can get as a missionary I think its pretty cool!"

I am glad that Elder Grace is doing so well and is so busy with his lessons. How exciting for 
Elder Wunderli to be AP that is so awesome!

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