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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st 2013

"So the baptism on Saturday (09-28-13) went really well. Elder Anderson baptized Kristina and I did the confirmation the next day in sacrament meeting. Kristina's whole family was able to come so that was really nice!"

Elder Grace and Kristina

Elder Grace, Kristina, and Elder Anderson

"Levi is doing really well he sends me letters all the time. He is the most consistent of all my friends!"
Way to go Levi!!!

Elder Sanderson and Elder Grace

Elder Grace and Elder Sutherland

Elder Wunderli and Elder Grace

Elder Bracken and Elder Grace

Elder Komoroski and Elder Grace

"Look What I got!!!" Lol Coley! I haven't seen a box of 36 Dews before! Ha!

Cool Lightning

" I am back on my bike again. My companion and I road our bikes 8 miles the other day. It is kinda nice to be back on my bike."

Seems like it has been an eventful week for Elder Grace!

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