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Monday, April 22, 2013

Elder Grace's 1st time Baptizing!

Elder Grace has now had his very 1st baptism! His past companions or ward members have done the previous baptisms! How exciting for Elder Grace!!! This is his 4th baptism so far!

Elder Grace and a little boy ready for baptism.

Cole did not tell me this little boy's name so I will have to find out next week when I get a new email from Cole.

Some words from Elder Grace:
"It rained for 3 days straight last week it was so crazy!"

"I finally got a letter from Andrew!"

"That's crazy that Kimball got his mission call, so many people are going on missions that's crazy!"

So yes things are always so "crazy" to elder Grace! :)

"I cant believe Kaylee is already back from her mission! (Cole's cousin) that's crazy!"

Elder Grace, Little boy, and Elder Wunderli

Elder Grace is doing so well! He really likes his companion Elder Wunderli too! He also says that Elder Wunderli's dad is the president of Ogio and he sent Cole a new back pack, that's so cool!!!!

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  1. First baptism performed by you! Wonderful! Hope there will be many more. Baptism ceremonies are pay day for missionaries, aren't they?