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Monday, April 1, 2013

Warming up with some starbucks hot cocoa

"So I had a pretty good Easter. I gave a talk in church about the Atonement. This was my 3rd talk so far so I am getting good at giving talks!"

"The baptism went really well. My companion Elder Sutherland baptized Sister Cartright, it was his first baptism!"
Elder Grace and Elder Sutherland and the Cartright family

Sister Cartright ready for baptism

So everything seems so "crazy" to Cole these days!!!! ha,ha,ha,....Here are some of his responses to some new news with his family:

"That's so crazy that Aunt Summer and Uncle Jared and family are moving to Michigan! I kinda figured they would have to move for Aunt Summers residency....but for 3 years, that's crazy!"

"Wow that's crazy that Uncle Brandon and Aunt Sophia are having another baby! It will be weird to come home to a new cousin!"

Elder Grace and Elder Sutherland on the bus.

Look at all that snow!

Having some hot cocoa from Starbucks.

Elder Sutherland and Elder Grace getting ready for the baptism.

One more message from Elder Grace:
"Megan told me how excited she is about going to college I'm sure she will have a blast"

These Elders look so happy!

Well today Cole is getting together with other missionaries in his zone for a combined P-day, I hope they have a great day!!!!!

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